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Gao Sheng Qiao nan jie #2 Fu 65
(across from the Lhasa Hotel)
PHONE: 028-85582088
Mon-Sat: 11:00 - 21:00
Sun: 12:00 - 21:00


About Us


The idea began one day in Leanna’s kitchen while she was making cake mixes to give her friends. She was reminiscing on when she first arrived in Chengdu and buying flour and making muffins. It was a disaster. Later she discovered that not all flours are wheat flour for making cake and muffins. And so it went. It was like a treasure hunt to find all the ingredients to make something from home that turned out the way it was supposed to.

And so, Comforts of Home was born. In 2005, they started with cornbread mix and streusel cake mix. Gradually they added more mixes and then hard to find items like baking powder and soda. Leanna and a friend mixed and bagged and delivered the ingredients while Leanna’s husband, David, managed the books. As they grew, it became apparent that while many Chinese people had interest, most of them had no ovens to bake and no experience to make the mix. Many requests came in to buy the product already baked.

David and Leanna decided to branch out with a bakery and café in addition to their store. They named it Leanna’s Bakery. August 1st, 2008 the doors opened and they have been developing and expanding ever since.

Customer Service Contact Information

Customer service contact for Leanna’s Bakery is provided via two different methods. The first option is to call the Leanna’s Bakery customer service phone number at 028-8558-2088. The second way to contact Leanna’s Bakery customer support is via email at Leanna’s Bakery will then respond to the customer’s email within 48 hours.

Website vs Store Policy

Many of our products on the website are packaged in sets specially designed for online sales. If you view a product online and then call one of our stores to order you need to be specific about the amount of product you would like. For example on our website we sell our cinnamon rolls in packs of four but if you call our store and ask for one cinnamon roll you will receive one roll rather than a pack of four. Also we do not guarantee that website prices will always be the same as in store prices. To assure website prices you need to actually purchase the product online. Otherwise you will be charged based on the prices of the store nearest you.

Delivery Information

Local Delivery in Chengdu includes areas within or close to the second ring road on the south side of town. For delivery outside of these areas extra charges may be required depending on location and the amount of the order. For more information contact us at or call us at 028-8558-2088.

Shipping Information

We are still working on organizing the shipping for our online store. Depending upon the cost of shipping extra charges may apply. For more information contact us at or call us at 028-8558-2088. 

Location & Hours


Leanna's Bakery recently moved from the Suning Plaza location to the corner of Feng Sheng Guo Ji, outside the 1st ring road near the minority university. The address is Gao Sheng Qiao nan jie #2 Fu #65. It is across the street from the Lhasa Hotel. The phone number is 8558-2088. 

Return Policy

Leanna’s Bakery sells Western food products & supplies. Once the sales transaction of a product is completed, the sale is final and a return, refund and/or cancellation is not available. However, if a customer purchases a product where delivery has failed Leanna’s Bakery will take full responsibility to deliver a replacement product free of charge.

Replacement Policy

Leanna’s Bakery has a high standard and strives to deliver a quality product with authentic taste every time. If for some reason the customer feels they have been delivered a product that does not meet our standard they are welcome to contact us by phone at 028-8558-2088 or email us at If sufficient evidence of faulty product is provided Leanna’s Bakery will replace the product free of charge. Leanna’s Bakery reserves the right to make this judgement on a case by case basis.